Amjad Ali Khan - Moksha


Amjad Ali Khan was born in 1945 in Gwalior, one of the great cities of Madhya Pradesh, India. There are no musicians in India with a lineage as long and illustrious as Amjad Ali Khan – he’s the sixth-generation sarod player in his family and his ancestors have developed and shaped the instrument over two hundred years. Amjad Ali Khan is revered by an astonishing number of people and he has received a huge number of awards, but unlike many of the other Indian musicians who’ve become famous in the west he as stayed true to pure Indian classical music. For Amjad Ali Khan, his music is a serious art that deserves time and respect. He has taught his two sons Amaan and Ayaan, born in 1977 and 1979 respectively, who are starting out on solo careers.

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