Baharat - بهارات - The Egyptian


Baharat is the 4th release on our Middle Eastern Grooves 7″ series

In middle eastern cuisine, it’s well known – “don’t forget to add some Baharat to the dish! It always brings the magic!” We are very pleased and excited to add a special new spice to the Batov Records kitchen!
Baharat is a band of 3 of Tel-Aviv’s finest hipsters, mixing the flavors of middle-eastern sounds with the vintage vibes of surf music. This tasty EP was recorded at home with minimal equipment, superb musicianship, lots of humility, a tape machine, and no drugs. It is still a hallucination of timeless tunes.. and if you don’t think we’re objective about it, you are definitely right.
All of the band members also playing or used to play with the following acts/bands:
Ester Rada, Hoodna Orchestra, Karolina, Three and many more



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