Bay B Kane - Spandangle Selection Volume 4


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Four cuts from the Jungle pioneer, Bay B Kane make up Spandangle Selection Volume 4 for the vinylists and junglists!

‘Cupid’ is a track that embodies the early ragga jungle sound-stepping rhythms, ragga toasting and a super-funky warp bassline that combines the best elements of Ragga and Jungle. If you love tunes like ‘Super Sharp Shooter’, you will love the addictive B Line of ‘Cupid’

‘Needle To The Skin’ takes us back to 1993 and it has that unmistakable sound that’s unique to this era. Highly experimental with an interesting blend of almost 4×4 beats and breaks. Hip Hop goes into the blender with a Techno influenced sound. The spooky synths on ‘NTTS’ are truly mesmerising.

‘Pussy (Raw Mix)’ will hit a note with fans of Krome & Time and the Jungle sound of 1994. The amen break manipulation on this track is amazing. The deep subs are the kind you just don’t hear anymore-raw, heavy and brilliant!

‘Captains Log’ explores the funkier side of early jungle with soul samples, rolling drums and made for woofers sub bass. There’s also some great doubling up of the drums that make this a great tool for Jungle DJs.

If you’re lookig for some real deal oldskool jungle gems, you’ve just found them!

Out of stock