Billy Bang With Don Cherry, Wilber Morris, Dennis Charles ‎– Untitled Gift


This essential set reactivates two historic sessions led by vibrant violinist Billy Bang. Like the legacies of too many innovators of the last 25 years, Bang’s sweetness, bravado, and blues traveling the outlands languishes in small label vaults, like those of Anima. Despite the assertions of superficial jazz histories, the ’80s had more going on than a neo-con coup and the ugly wanking death of fusion. Then as always musicians burning with vision created music ahead of the curve on labels too small to negotiate mass distribution.

Unbelievably well recorded in the north lobby of New York University’s Loeb Student Center, “Sweet Space” features a dream band with Frank Lowe and Human Arts Ensemble alto player Luther Thomas packing the frontline. Frequent Hans Bennink collaborator Curtis Clark keeps the harmonies daring on piano, and Cecil Taylor/Roscoe Mitchell/Anthony Braxton veteran Steve McCall and Wilber Morris round out the rhythm section.


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