Biochip ‎– Crux Alley


Montreal duo Biochip bring electro pressure straight from the mixing desk, channelling vintage, Detroit-influenced sounds into the future. The verdant, almost-jazzy melodies, snappy percussion and tightly-wound basslines of Crux Alley are right at home on Sheffield’s Central Processing Unit, where the brighter strains of electro and IDM flourish. It’s a vivid, cinematic listen, conjuring apocalyptic dawns and an AI takeover. ‘The Legacy’ has the feel of shadowy streets and ‘Anagonist Part 6’ is frenzied, while the likes of ‘Orbital Rendezvous’ are lighter and hopeful. All together, Crux Alley’s individual tracks are like chapters of a script, each bringing a different take on Biochip’s engrossing vision.


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