Cindy Lee - What’s Tonight To Eternity


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New album from Patrick Flegel, lead singer / guitarist of much-heralded and now disbanded group Women Ethereal snowdrift pop with sly nods toward classic girl-group motifs. Recommended for fans of Vincent Gallo, Animal Collective and Lee Hazlewood.

Following the dissolution of Canadian experimental indie band Women, Flegel would delve deeper into songwriting that bends
further toward high atmospherics and bracing melodies—a unique space where splendor naturally collides with experimentation.
Delivering moments of sheer beauty through somber reflections on longing and loneliness, Cindy Lee is something to hold onto in a world of disorder. What’s Tonight To Eternity, Cindy Lee’s fifth long-form offering, showcases the project’s most entrancing strengths: ethereal snowdrift pop and sly nods toward classic girl-group motifs. Recorded at Flegel’s Realistik Studios in Toronto and featuring younger brother Andrew Flegel on drums, the album travels hand in hand with a spectral guide.

What’s Tonight To Eternity remains a mix of pop culture indoctrination, pain and suffering, hopes and dreams, fierce
confrontations and wide-open confessional blurs. Closing with the song Heavy Metal (dedicated to the memory of former Women
bandmate Chris Reimer) and adorned by Andrea Lukic’s Journal of Smack artwork, the album continues the bold and rewarding path on which Cindy Lee has embarked.

Out of stock