Creep Woland - Chamberlain


Gigantic producer/DJ from Scotland, Creep Woland, lands back on the Astral Black heli-pad with his ‘Chamberlain’ EP. Four blistering breaks-led, club ready, jungle tracks intended as an ode to the rolling bass and rainy days that raised him. Picking up near enough where his Close Reading debut left off, Chamberlain sees a more refined and honed execution of the hard hitting electronica Woland has become known for. Informed by the experience of playing to dance-floors, as well as educational journeys down to London for radio sets, these new tracks are fine tuned and bass heavy – perfect for existential club experiences or the driving of sports vehicles. The subdued intrigue of EP opener ‘Imposter Syndrome’ sets the mystical and reflective tone of the record, while down the line junglist anthems ‘Medieval Draw’ and ‘0800-Falkirk Triangle’ call for slow motion gun finger. Written at a time of personal hardship and mastery of oneself, the hopeful promise of closer ‘Lord Chamberlain’ acts as a sonic representation of the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel of this particular time in Woland’s life.


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