Cucina Povera - Tyyni


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Pure nether-pop magick from Glasgow-based Maria Rossi, chasing up her LP ‘Zoom’ with a return to studio-based sorcery after 2018’s ‘Hilja’ worked its way into a lot of AOTY lists.

Arriving in close proximity to Cucina Povera’s split tape with Haron for BAKK, the freeform mix of semi-melodic synth noise and humble, hymnal vocals in ‘Tyyni’ recaptures the appeal of her first album across eight steeply hypnagogic songs that sound as though she’s put a bit of time in researching (doing) mystic substances to our ears, but may just be proof of her porous link to other dimensions.

While taking its title from the Finnish for “still, serene weather”, the music offers a canny contrast of gently precipitous and heady sound pressure systems that sound like field documentary evidence of natural events and scenarios rather than anything more laboured. That gently organic effortlessness carries the album on fantasy wings, breezing from sweetly haunting psychedelic projections in ‘Salvia Salvatrix’ to tie in gauzy rhythmic knots on ’Teerenpeli’.

She vacillates a barely-there presence with air-carving vocal calligraphy on ‘Varjokuvatanssi’, and the slow techno-punk lullaby ‘Pölytön nurkka’ calls to mind early Grimes penning an elegy with Suicide, and the curdled lysergic textures of ‘Haaksirikkoutunut’ give way to pristine digital revelations in the FM synth sculpture ‘Saniaiset’, wrapping up with her spine-tracing, beat-less synth-pop beauty ‘Jolkottelureitti’.



Out of stock