D Ebando - Mahbunzi Nahgo Pihndi


3rd eye-smudging, lysergic trance music experiments from Brian Close (Georgia), inspired by the Bwiti/Fang people and musical traditions of Gabon, west Central Africa

The first widely available vinyl release on France’s Good Morning Tapes (not counting their pair of micro-run PVC 7” + 10”s), ‘D. Ebando’ yields two extended ritual trance trips meant for use as meditation aids or vision quest guidance.

Using the resonant buzz of the sacred Mougongo – a sorta hybrid single-string instrument and a jews harp usually deployed in Iboga initiations – plus his more familiar arsenal of electronics and percussion, Brian Close effectively picks up where his Georgia track, ‘Mahbunzi Nahgo Pihndi Goes to the Market’ left off, invoking an electro-acoustic play of spirits akin to Rashad Becker’s ‘Traditional Music For Notional Species’ in the curdled slosh of ‘Awating’, and then really opening out into psychedelic space with the Afro-kosmiche trance-portation of ‘Bwicoming’.

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