Dalibor Cruz - Riddled With Absence


‘Riddled With Absence’ is a record I made in isolation due to the pandemic. Absent from everyone. Friends, Family; only me and my work station, which I describe as my pod. The isolation was a blessing I never knew I needed. It helped me figure out what I wanted for myself, my sound and my life in general. The album has a lot of rhythmic elements to it and a lot of ethnic percussion, some sample based and others played by me on a Darbouka and mini Pakhawaj. Rhythm has always been a driving force behind my music. My father being from the mountain town of Siguatepeque, Honduras, rhythm has always been apart of my life. Growing up listening to Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia and Punta.

Punta, which is a very rhythmic and fast music originating in Honduras with African Roots, has always captivated me, a massive inspiration for me and my music. The Polyrhythms and the sheer passion and energy of the people playing the instruments… and the pride I have for my people of Honduras. The cover of the record is done by Gabrielle K. Brown and thought it was a perfect image for the record. Depicting ancient Natives and Divine Intervention, this spoke volumes to me because my father is a Native of Lenca Descent (Natives of Honduras) and the ancients rhythms that come naturally to me.

I’d like to end this with dedicating this record to my Brother, Brandon Paz. He passed away, taking his own life this past December (2002-2020). He was everything to me. And he was an absolute massive inspiration to me and my art. He passed on the same day as Harold Budd, so I’d like to think they’re hanging out, enjoying a drink and some music. Please never shut yourself out if you need help, reach out to someone. Anyone, because the hurt and pain that comes with a loved one’s absence, is nothing anyone should endure. I guess you can say when I named this album, it was some sort of premonition of the future. This record and every record I make after… is dedicated to my brother Brandon. RIP Brandon. I Love You.


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