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Vol 9 in the Tone DropOut extravaganza comes at ya with the return of The He-Men, Aka Sween ( tdo head honcho ) and Dan Beck.

They kick off side A, with A Train , and that exactly what it is , starting with sample of a tube announcer before the train rolls off and kicks off this journey, haunting synths and fx come in and out with a acid line bubbling along, and rolling snares breaking it up, a great comeback from The He-Men.

Dawl makes up side A with an electro classic, driving beat and bubbling basslines that build and roll with claps and snaps and laser fx, all accompanied by some industrial fx a real dance floor toon as always from the main man DAWL, get any party going.

To complete side A we have another Tones Breaks to add to the collection a little 3 min of pure bliss amen break from Dawl and Sween.

Side B  we welcome back our good friend Ascot/WW. for his hatrick appearance and yet another quality classy tune, we also welcome back our good friend Corporeal Face aka Joe Roberts, this is one busy man at the moment who has really found his feet as a great producer. this track is very original love it.

A real breakbeat banger from him, with an amazing drop and vocal stab , really love this tune as it says Makes my body move !!!

Then we also welcome back Bufo Bufo another great producer we have worked with before on vol 6.

This is another breakbeat track a real classy toon with floaty strings and industrial clanks, then kicks in the heavy bassline and acid and bleeps really picks it up as always all four trax dance floor heavy, we got deep house, electro, breaks and acid coming at cha .


Out of stock