des édens – la non​-​pareille


Lava music, maybe.
Lava music, always evolving, always surprising, always exciting because we don’t know what the other will bring to the music that we start improvising and
 exploring together.
We’ll see what bubbles will form in this lava music
And sometimes an idea comes up, a bubble pops and it becomes a track.
Lava, like the wax that was melted to press the record. Lava, like energy flowing, slow.
Improvising most of the time, you really connect with the other musician. It takes all your energy, trying to follow, trying to figure out where to go next, what will happen if I do this and if Pacôme, next to me, decides to change instrument.
All of a sudden.
Pacôme may be holding his clarinet in one hand, but he also has a synth on his lap and a harmonica around his neck. Oh, and he recalls : « I remember Antoine searching new rhythm ideas with his machines directly connected to an old cassette player with speakers.
All these subtle changes gave the direction and the evolution of each track. We were side by side, maybe only one meter from each other -very close. This afternoon autumn session when we made the record was first to rehearse for a gig, so I think we were particularly taking care of transitions – while playing for an hour non-stop.»

This record was mostly improvised in a quiet bedroom, on the third floor of a building in Pantin, close to Paris. The room was filled with quiet sunlight. Instruments were all over the place, with some effects pedals, speakers for the electronic machines, a recorder to catch the whole atmosphere and music. A few overdubs later, the record was done.

Leafing through the pages of Flaubert’s novel, we found these two sentences; they became our track titles and shed a poetic light over the music.

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