Die Orangen - Zwei Orangen


Die Orangen back on the adventurous Malka Tuti with their sophomore album ZWEI ORANGEN.

It’s been two years since their debut album Zest animated the underground scene, merging obscure samples, field- recordings, krautrock motifs and a spattering of humour and self-perception into their newly forged genre: Krautback. The Australian duo – Kris Baha & Dreems – return with 2 more years of wisdom tucked under their hats to deliver a matured, developed sound. The industrial sonics & propen- sity for a dusty bush-beaten tone remain, however the sam- ples and ambience take a backseat, handing the map over to the guitar riffs, vocals and song writing to navigate the al- bums vast terrain. Collaborators Jono Ma (of Jagwar Ma), Alex Akers (of Forces) and Hayley Morgan expand the al- bum into a diverse journey across zones and styles, offering their own observation of the spacious musical world of Die Orangen.

These 11 tracks will make you contemplate, they’ll will make you reminisce, they’ll give you friendly advice, they’ll ask you to dance, and they’ll question the direction of your compass… Fear not, however, this is music for everybody. As the Oranges say “Saft für alle”!

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