DJ GIRL’s latest EP on Planet Euphorique “Slsk Trax” shows us how it’s done with four head-turning techno-transanthems, bass bins bursting at the seams with fast & furious innovative aural onslaught. The Chicago based producer offering no zoom, main room, (more than) four to the floor visceral punishment of the highest pleasures.

Immediate assault in the form of A1; “And the Crowd Howls” unstoppable rapid, rhythmic voltage racing through your veins, pulsating like the most dramatic, dark dancefloors should. Sliced with electro injections interrupting the hypnotizing drumwork, snapping you in and out of altered states, invoking vivid imagery of flickering smoke and sweat. Following the intoxicating opener, “The Runaround” beams up to otherworldly tech-territory, a deliciously syncopated bass line rumbling below disciplined running snares, DJ GIRL eradicating expectations, her addictive percussive spontaneity and mutation of conventional structure nothing short of exhilarating.

A 7 minute “Tunnel Vision” initiation on the B side starts with swirled panned percussion, a gritty foundation paving the way for scorched screeches and additional demented drums demanding your undivided attention. Rising and dropping, a fluidity and expertise in tension with subtlety amongst the filth. Closing up shop and slamming the door is the B2 “Untitled”, a fierce electro encore. Minimalistic instrumentation turns into an encompassing sphere of sonic evolution through processing and modulation. Metallic delays flair and decay over squelched tones and boot stomping kicks and claps.

PE014 comes dripping in saturation, DJ GIRL’s Detroit roots are infused into the indisputable groove seeping through the record, elevated by her subliminal, sapphic style, a personal touch that unleashes the freakiest of dancers.


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