DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess Everything Not Yet


Marcelle arrived via punk, post-punk, avant garde and dub and lives by the independent, forward-thinking spirit inherent in those scenes. “Everything Not Yet” is Marcelle’s ninth vinyl-only release for Jahmoni Music from Munich and follows on from last year’s ‘One Place For The First Time’ which swiftly sold-out and is now onto a repress. The 10″ vinyl is released alongside her latest album “Saturate The Market, Now!” featuring a shorter album-cut of ‘Everything Not Yet’ among nine other tracks. So are you sitting comfortably? Well Marcelle would prefer if you weren’t. Because this is music for misfits to move to. The very opposite of business techno. A missive from a cult DJ with an enviable record collection and a fearless artist who couldn’t give a flying fuck about dance music norms. Saturate the market with pure energy – let’s do this!
Seb Wheeler, Mixmag

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