Dopplereffekt - Athanatos


Furthering their previous LP’s conceptual fascination with genetics, ‘Athanatos’ explores the conditions and chromosomal factors defining mortality in the funky, allegorical fashion that we all adore about Rudolf Klozeiger and To-Nhan’s music.

With input from Carsten Nicolai (who also did the artwork) and his raster-noton co-foudner Olaf bender, Dopplereffekt reflect their research in five parts ranging from the towering title track (meaning ‘Immortality’ in Greek) to a stunning piece of synth-pop ‘Hayflick Limit’ with cold vox (can’’t tell if it’s To-Nanh or one of their previous collaborators), plus the direct dancefloor hydrolicks of ‘Eukaryotic Chromosomes’, and the nexx level sci-fi electro of ‘Mitosis’.

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