Dubkasm - Transformed in Dub


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“As if this Anglo-Brazilian duo´s debut album wasn´t impressive enough, its version arrives training a magnifying glass on the studio wizardry of Dubkasm. This dub is lean, stripping the original´s rich sound far down to the bone – ”Ta Gravando Agora` is empty streets and alleyways in which we catch glimpses of a lone, wandering melodica. Out from among the trees denuded of their leaves soars the lone sprial of a saxophone on ”Woodsman Dub”.

Tena Stelin opens ”Play I Some Dub” strong and brash before slipping down the echo chamber to a fanfare of horns, after which the bass and drums are left to explore the chasm left open. Stelin attempts to regain a foothold in the song, but the edges of the bottomless pit are too slippery. And when Christine Miller´s beautiful voice rises with a single, “only so much to give”, the entire less-is-more aesthetic is justified for all time.

Not every track is boiled down to the skeleton. ”Beto´s Yard” is lush in detail and features the bounciest bassline on the entire album. And not every track reworks album material. ”Memories of Xylon”, for example, is a tribute to Lidj Xylon, a passionate, lion of a singer who recently passed away in Ethiopia.

Out of stock