E.A.R. - Beyond The Pale


Although not released until 1996, Beyond The Pale was originally recorded in Northampton, back in 1992 at Angus Wallace’s FarHeath Studios. It was the first album from Experimental Audio Research (aka E.A.R) an experimental music collective formed around Sonic Boom (Pete Kember), founding member of Spacemen 3 (along with Jason Pierce), who, on this project works closely with Eddie Prevost (AMM), Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) and Kevin Martin (God). This CD, consisting of post ambient feedback and electronic sounds was produced and mixed by Sonic and has been repressed in a limited run for 2022. The new, deluxe digifile, looking so much crisper, brighter and cleaner retains the original artwork, created by longtime E.A.R. collaborator – artist Anthony Ausgang.


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