Eddie The Wheel - Southern Minimalist Futurist Ridiculous


Athens, GA songwriter and visual artist Eddie Whelan releases his long-awaited debut album on Vibe/Anti-Vibe. A gorgeously-layered record borne out of home recordings with drum machines and synths before being brought to its final, shiny (literally, the LP is released with a reflective mirror board sleeve) state thanks to mixing from Hank Sullivant (MGMT). Originating from Athens Georgia (home to REM, the B-52’s, Deerhunter, Pylon and other indie rock luminaries) in America (RIP), Eddie Whelan relocated to London in 2013 to pursue a career as a visual artist where he honed his craft working on Fashion Week shows, directing music videos for Jarvis Cocker and giving art direction to major fashion brands. During this time Eddie was also amassing a collection of bedroom recordings as part of his Eddie the Wheel solo project. Eddie enlisted friends and acquaintances to contribute to recordings whilst in London before sending the songs back across the Atlantic to be mixed by Hank Sullivant (MGMT) where the songs took a new life of their own, becoming ‘Southern Minimalist Futurist Ridiculous’.


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