Error Subcutáneo - Temporada Cicl​​​ó​​​nica


ERROR SUBCUTÁNEO was born under the sweltering sun of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, but their project portrays the colder, more urban side of life in the Caribbean, where cacophonous violence and Cold War monoliths collide with dreams of a better tomorrow. The duo take elements of hip-hop, modular electronics, island syncretism, and bebop to twist and distort contemporary narratives on music composition, representing the greater movement of Latin American resistance directly from its epicentre. // TEMPORADA CICLÓNICA is a recollection of alibis from a quenched island imaginarium. Palm trees dance in sync with the gales, an omen of the upcoming hurricane season. Pictographic technologies seek refuge in time’s embrace, as eerie scents of petrichor and blood fill the corridors beneath the temple steps. The cyclone’s ravaging beauty and destruction bring rain, fertility and life to the land, an allusion to the cyclical nature of creation. Masters of musical past ride the storm’s eye, a semiotic double-entendre on the spinning nature of the vinyl medium. A pupil glimmers from the dark, a kid rubs its belly in the womb. BAILAR MERENGUE. COMO UN TROMPO, BOMBA BOMBA, MI HERMANO. ACABANDO.

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