Greg Foat- The Mage


The title of Greg Foat’s new album, ‘The Mage’ succinctly captures the atmosphere of this stellar seven-track offering and only further enhances his reputation as one of the UK’s most inventive minds at work today. The Axelrod-esq ‘Of My Hands’ featuring the ethereal vocals of Kathy Garcia and plants us firmly in that mystery drenched late afternoon of British drama and suspense on a cut that epitomises folk-jazz. The lilting, ebbing ‘Endless Love’ is a broadly brushed-on seascape of sound while the mournful ‘Drifting’ features a deep baritone sax courtesy of Art Themen on a truly stunning cut. The warm, spacious ‘The Magic Radish’ takes ambient and jazz hand in hand and walks us through a trippy soundscape while the pacey, beat heavy ‘The High Priestess’ finds the sax feeling around for the groove amongst the poly-rhythmic groove laid down by legendary stick-man Malcolm Catto. The psychedelic ‘Incantation’ sounds like incidental music from a late 60’s Brit art house movie while the finale ‘The Mage’ is the most groove based cut of all, riding on the syncopated drums and sax work of Themen and Catto. Stunning and essential. Important piece of British jazz.


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