Guava ‎– The Dolphins Are Back In Venice


Fresh, bass heavy, UK dance from Guava (Banoffe Pies / Holding Hands) with assistance from Breaka and LUXE. Returning to Control Freak for his second full length EP ‘The Dolphins are Back in Venice’ – a collection of 4 playful dancefloor bangers, precision engineered for the club.

Returning with a new and refined style, following a relocation to Berlin, but retaining the melodic flourishes of his earlier releases whilst turning his focus squarely towards the dancefloor – a perfect fit for Control Freak. As an accomplished session musician, Guava continues to explore the synthesis between digital and analog production and songwriting techniques, innovatively self-sampling his own guitar playing across the record to add a human touch to his airtight productions.

On new 4-tracker ‘The Dolphins are Back in Venice’, which includes collaborations with rising UK artists Breaka & LUXE, Guava draws influence from a broad range of dance music styles in true CF fashion – combining rising, trance-influenced melodies with the syncopated rhythms and bassweight of the UK scene. Strictly limited vinyl release, hand stamped in London at CFHQ – first come first served!


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