Hey Colossus - Dances / Curses


Amplification moves air and gestures to the celestial. A splitter van parks in a service station. The afterglow of the stage. The weight of a bass cab up a steep flight of metal stairs. Hey Colossus are no strangers to the dualities of life as a loud rock band. But more importantly, they know how to channel both facets into records that transcend all limitations in a blinding volley of incandescence.

Dances / Curses – their lucky thirteenth record – is the work of six musicians at the peak of their considerable powers of intuition and inspiration. Constant motion is also something Hey Colossus know a little about, now into their eighteenth year as a band in a never-ending search for new trouble and new epiphanies. When this iteration of the band – which came together around the making of their last release, 2019’s Four Bibles, geographically spread between Somerset, Watford, London, Nottingham and Sheffield – first began work the chemistry apparently took care of itself, with their meetings at weekend rehearsals seeing them undergo a process less like jamming and more like a particularly intensive form of instant composition. Whatever sparks were spontaneously flying in these initial sessions, they gave rise to enough material to make Dances / Curses a double record, running the gamut from the rhythmically-driven, infectiously melodic songcraft of Donkey Jaw and Medal via the slow-burning atmospherics of U Cowboy to the mightily motorik-driven 15 minute travelogue that is A Trembling Rose, which takes in a plethora of unified headspaces in richly cinematic style.


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