Hieroglyphics - 3rd Eye Vision


Hieroglyphics is an Oakland based hip-hop collective that has always thrive to dismantle music by tackling the social consciousness through their scrupulous wordplay. With their extensive knowledge of hip-hop, Hieroglyphics focused more on the lyrical flow rather than the gangster life and always positioned themselves as the alternative to the mainstream and this is best exemplified with their first studio album, 3rd Eye Vision.

Recorded in 1998 by Hieroglyphics’ independent recording studio, Hieroglyphics Imperium Recording, the album aimed to bring to the forefront themes such as temporary-ism, power struggle against the wealthy elite, the illusion of power, and combating stereotypes. The album is also a reflection of the collective ability to work as one The members: Souls of Mischief, DJ Toure, A-Plus, Phesto, Tajai, Del the Funky Homosapien, Pep Love, Opio, Causal and Domino, delivers a unique point of view that is tied together by their ability to share the mic, creating a dynamic force in each song. There are 22 songs are this albums, with several songs dedicated to each member of the collective. Even though this is an acclaimed album, there are several songs that are worth special recognition as it touches among the essence of traditional, or old school, underground hip-hop as well as embodiment of Hieroglyphics as a collective.

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