Ippei Matsui & Aki Tsuyuko ‎– Natsu No Zenbu


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Lovely, twinkling Japanese ambient meditations from 2008 resurface as the second release on All Night Flight’s fledgling imprint. RIYL Dominique Lawalrée, The Boats, World Standard.

Leading on from the shop-turned-label’s unearthing of ‘The Clearing’(1982) by A Produce, ANF look to a regular haunt, Japan, to share their love for Ippei Matsui & Aki Tsuyuko’s quiet, hypnagogic ambient and coruscating drone descriptions of an old Japanese house in a first time vinyl reissue of the married couple’s impossible-to-find 2008 CDr.

Recorded at home, an old Japanese house with 13 rooms, and originally given away as a gift to guests at their wedding, ‘Natsu No Zenbu’ – translating to ‘All Of Summer’ – forms a soothing suite of background music that effortlessly lulls listeners into its headspace. With slow burning pace and wheezing, frothy charm, it unfolds in 26 sparing vignettes that suggest solo immersion or shared intimate consumption, conjuring iridescent melodies and gauzy harmonies that can’t help but encourage eyes to half mast and heads onto pillows.

It’s hard to avoid comparisons between this sound and the low key charms of Lancashire’s Cotton Goods, or the way it echoes Woo’s dreamlike melodic embroidery, even Hype Williams’ vibings at times, but ultimately there’s a tangible romance to Matsui & Tsuyuko’s playing that places this set in its own rarified category of lovely music made by lovers.

Out of stock