J Shadow - Astral Series


The Astral Series is the first EP on Beat Machine by the elusive
London based producer J-Shadow. He’s establishing his name
among artists that defy genres limitations and push the
boundaries to unprecedented results. After a series of
outstanding releases on several emerging labels, his new work
continues the journey with an escalation of atmospheric
scenarios that linger between the cold darkness of the Unknown
and the comforting vision of a familiar figure.

Starting off with a propulsive yet exotic sounding track (Orlov’s
Casket), the producer sets the tone for an impetuous Astral
expedition punctuated by his signature warbling bass lines,
frantic drum’n’bass and moody ambient interludes. It reaches
the climax with Nxt1 featuring ominous and rough grime beats,
cleverly balanced by the surreal spaces explored in Voyager.
The Contact with the new dimension is now taking place, and it
feels deeper and more mysterious than expected. Another level
of intensity is eventually achieved in Nxt1 remix by Gantz, a
powerful belter shaped by the inimitable low-end density of the
Dubstep doyen.



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