James K - 036


A multi-disciplinary artist based in NYC’s contemporary avant circles, James K drifts from one medium to the next without shedding her singular vision — whatever that might actually be. 036 is her first release since 2016’s PET, and seems even more obscure than its predecessor, its warped synth instrumentation and K’s seraphic voice pouring from behind frosted glass. The whip-crack of driving drums shocks ‘Ultra Facial!’ into a Grouper-via-Grimes state of propulsive dream pop, a mood amplified to breaking point by the industrial pop stomp of ‘Subliminal Burn’. Sombre, watery scenes resurface with ‘Everyrose’, and crystallise into the sublime ‘I Can Not Remember’, a glitched-out vocal performance gatecrashed by scorched electronics.

In James K’s words: “I don’t know what’s going on, I’m sorry I can’t make it out. Hello? hello? Am I dreaming or is it a show?” -MEG

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