JK Flesh - Sewer Bait


I was lucky enough to release Godflesh ‘Love is a dog from Hell’ on my old label Pathological many moons ago. I was equally lucky to drop JK Flesh’In Your Pit’ on my new label PRESSURE three years ago, and then follow that up with the G36 vs JK Flesh sound clash ‘Disintegration Dubs’ last year. Justin has consistantly handed me pure audio gold, and actually gifted me some of my favourite releases from him full stop, in an incredible career of riches which he has tirelessly. produced since Napalm Death til today. So again, im now totally psyched to drop ‘Sewer Bait’ on my label PRESSURE.

The sixth album from JK Flesh, this album is a Slo-mo, Slo-fi, Sewer tech journey into utter gutter level filth. Overdriven, corroded, corrupted and absolutely blasted, it contains so many essential elements of clubland low life, but yet manages to remain beautifully original whilst pushing all levels deep into the red until it hurts in the best possible way. Anyone hooked on Andy Stott’s dirtiest works, Porter Ricks deepest explorations or Techno Animal’s speaker punishing grooves will find addictive nourishment within these relentlessly distorted heavyweight grooves…. Not so much hard as completely f-ckin brutal, the master stroke from Justin Broadrick however, is takin his raw materials and feeding them¬†militantly into the dub chamber.
This is like a wholesale destruction of Techno, 4/4 for people too wasted and strung out to give a f-ck about dancefloors, yet compelling enough and magnetic enough to completely insist upon fully body hypnotism in an undersized room with an oversized rig.

The album’s title track sounds like Drum & Bass don Digital or the peak of the Metalheadz label dragged down into hell for the ultimate bad rave trip, whilst ‘Crawler’ could be Killing Joke, jammin with Regis and his aggro allies from Birmingham Techno’s under appreciated discography, deep in a warehouse warzone.

You dont have to dig techno to dig this dirt, you just have to enjoy having your head taken off and your body physically punished. If Jeff Mills output had been chopped, screwed and then absolutely painfully, slowly crushed, it may resemble the monolithic, psychedelic, crawl of ‘Sewer Bait’.

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