Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures


The first and never surpassed timeless debut album from joy division from 1979. as each years passes their influence becomes greater. it is a dark masterpiece and includes the classics ‘she’s lost control’, ‘shadowplay’ , ‘disorder’ etc. decay and alienation envelop singer ian curtis, whose cavernous, but dispassionate, voice belied the intensity he brought to bear. rolling drum patterns, thudding bass lines and uncluttered synthesizer combine to create a dank, brooding atmosphere, chillingly supporting the songs’ bleak lyrics. yet listening to ‘unknown pleasures’ is not a depressing experience. the group generate a terse excitement, emphasising individual strengths and avoiding unnecessary embellishment. their sense of commitment is utterly convincing and few debut albums can boast such unremitting power. a hundred per cent definite for your record collection – an absolute must.

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