Kahn & Neek - Lupus Et Urpus


What a treat this is – A MUCH needed vinyl outing for Kahn & Neek’s debut LP – Double disc business here and includes a risograph printed insert – don’t sleep on this!

The long-awaited debut album from Young Echo / Bandulu dons Kahn & Neek is here –
Lupus et Urpus is the name, and it contains 13 tracks of baddest vibe grime, kaleidoscopic rhythm, melody and tripped out soundsystem sonics…. A nice twist up of experimental / and straight up gunfinger material….

The pacing of the album is excellent too – weirder, more insular moments serve as interjections for the mind to wander, just before you get dropped back on earth, and greeted with a slap to the face, either sonically, or lyrically, from a gang of London MCs  dropping bars on the mic… Then, the ride continues through more worlds within…  It’s a vast and bold world they’ve built here, but for all it’s freak element, it still feels rooted and grounded in the continuum of grime, and dubstep, just with evn more particular Kahn & Neek spice in the mix –
Basially, it still holds true, even more so even, that nobody is sounding quite like them, unless they’re copy cats… And in the copy cats case, they’re about to have to work harder in order to replicate this new sound world of Lupus et Urpus.

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