London Modular Alliance ‎– Cracked Dice

LMA test out modular jungle aerobics alongside signature electro slickness in their first shot for Sheffield’s CPU



Three blokes, no computers = London Modular Alliance. Now five years since their debut on Kirk DeGiorgio’s ART, they come with something different on ‘Cracked Dice’, feeding their machines classic hardcore and jungle tropes to work in crafty same between deep electro and broken rave dynamics.



‘Cracked Dice’ heads up with flickering breaks swept into hydraulic synth pads for a fathoms deep start, before brining the rufige with corkscrewing think breaks and depth charge subs in ‘Head of the Keeper’, and stretching out on a sort of rolling bleeps ’n breaks flex in the sheering motion of ‘Chemical Peel.’ For the electro die hards they round off with a tart Drexciyan ace ‘Lemon Mishap.’