O Yuki Conjugate - A Tension of Opposites Vols 1 & 2


This is the first in a series of looser exploratory works that allow OYC to expand their musical horizons and release their music more expediently.

A Tension of Opposites was born out of 2020’s virus state where both OYC members were left working in isolation. Two types of music emerged spontaneously, and rather than try to combine them OYC decided to present the results separately, two sides of a contrasting whole.

In need of a suitable format and frustrated by their usual lengthy release schedules, OYC returned to the quick and dirty compact cassette – the place they started back in the 80s.

A Tension of Opposites is ‘Dirty Ambient’, a phrase coined by OYC for the process of working quickly and instinctively, embracing errors and honouring imperfections. It’s also a jibe at what is sometimes a hideously manicured genre.

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