Overlords Of The UFO – Imagine! EP (Enlightenment Records)


Overlords Of The UFO were Anthony Barker and Lynn Serafinn, both trained musicians and analogue synth heads. It meant the breakbeat desert trance of their ’94 debut, ‘Imagine!’, was a huge hit on its release, giving off strong shades of Exist Dance and others of their ilk,

Essentially one track split into three mixes for various times of night, each has a very distinct flavour. The ‘Whirling Thru Time & Space Mix’ is housiest,  groovy, acidic and breaky as it builds over nine minutes. The ‘UFO Mix’ wacks the tempo up for a more tribally trance feel. And on the flip the ‘Deeply Hypnotic Mix’ winds way downtempo, adding Eastern instrumentation and chanting for an early morning trip.

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