p1LL – The Other Side EP (Serenity Now Recordings)


Launching Swedish label Serenity Now, p1LL is also a new name. But whoever is behind it has a history of making electronic music that goes back to the ‘90s, working from a home studio in Santa Monica and apparently contributing two tracks to a shelved Seal album.

It shows in the quality here, which draws on the spirit of US tech house and the psychedelic leanings of the West Coast scene. ‘Touch My Soul’, featuring the vocals of Jan Hyde, is deliciously deep house, the distillation of a sunrise moment. ‘Think Things Over’ has a kind of chugging Brett Johnson groove and swims in trippy funk. ‘Deep Inside My Mind’ is a low-slung acid bubbler whose subtle build shows a seasoned raver’s feel for early mornings, the vibe switching to something more euphoric in the last couple of minutes. And final track ‘Break Free’ adds a breakbeat while maintaining the lush house chords, a bridge between the techier stylings of Omni AM and the rougher edges of Exist Dance.

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