Presonus Eris 4.5


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The Presonus Eris E4.5 active studio monitor delivers an uncompromising output that offers an honest representation of your mix. Rather than hiding or masking poorer sounding parts of the mix, the Eris allows you to take total control over your sound.

As with all their products, Presonus have built the Eris E4.5 with acoustically reliable components in order to preserve sound quality, with impeccably designed Kevlar low frequency transducers, and low-mass silk-dome tweeters that require little effort in order to produce a crystal-clear output, whilst the Class AB amplifier in each monitor guarantees a steady and reliable response. The lightweight design makes placement simple in the studio, as each one is easy to manoeuvre.


The Eris E4.5 has built in Acoustic Tuning controls, which allows you to shape the response of each monitor to fit in with your own studio environment. On the rear panel you’ll find Mid and High control knobs, which allow you to shape the signal output. Therefore, if you find that either the Mids – centred on 1kHz – or Highs are too powerful (or not powerful enough), you can attenuate the monitor output to create a sweetly balanced sound. Though the aim is to keep the settings as close to 0 as possible, you can add or cut by a huge -6db to 6dB range.

As well as the EQ section, there is a three way Acoustic Space switch, which controls a second-order, low shelving filter that cuts all frequency level below 800Hz by an amount of your choosing. Depending on your desired speaker placement, you have the choice of selecting presets of 0dB, -2dB or -4dB. The reason for this is to offset boundary bass boost that occurs when the monitors are placed near a wall or corner, a very useful feature that goes a long way to making things simpler when placing your speakers.


The prevalence of signal interference from various sources in a studio dictated Presonus’ built-in speaker protection. With radio-frequency interference, electrical appliances, and heat all playing a part in causing signal degradation, certain measures have been taken to minimise any issues. RF shielding protects against radio frequencies becoming audible; over-temperature protection prevents heat-related issues. Current-output limiting prevents unwanted blowouts should a circuit short or cut out, whilst subsonic protection filters out extreme low frequency signals that could damage or affect the woofer’s performance. Finally, the Eris E4.5 has a “soft start up” feature that prevents ‘pops’ that can occur when you power up the monitors.