PSYCHEMAGIK - Rattlesnake EP


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Previously spotted remixing the bossmen Catz ‘n Dogz’ 2016 single ‘Nobody Cares’ on the label, Psychemagik’s ‘Rattlesnake’ is the duo’s debut Pets single and it lives up to its deadly name. Sliding into the dance with all the stealth and funk venom its name suggests; the bite comes midway as the fatal secondary bassline kicks in with a Cobra Kai finishing move that will leave your dancefloor out for the count.

It’s loaded with two equally lethal remixes as the label welcome two more debuts from pit vipers old and new; Magda bites hard with a poisonous futuristic funk roll-out while Vyvyan continue their anonymous attack with a fantastic cosmic twist and a build up that rattles like a whole army of Crotalus. Terminal treatments slithering in all directions.

Whichever viperous version you choose to wrestle with, the results remain the same; once bitten your dancefloor will indeed lose all control of their bodies… If slept on, seek medical help.

Out of stock