Pumpkin Witch - The Final Strike of the Pumpkin Witch


Pumpkin Witch’s deeply incognito approach to Dungeon Synth feels more like all your Halloween decorations on the lawn have come to life amidst a green fog of evil, than they do the soundtrack to a subterranean adventure. While 9 headlining the Dungeon Siege West festival, the group appeared in bark masks and were met with an audience chant of “All hail the Pumpkin Witch.” Their set would include the actual live carving of a jack-o-lantern – and made it feel like the most mysterious and mystic ritual possible. It is this same rough and craft like approach to electronics that make their unique take on Dungeon Synth stand out. They straddle the worlds of the sacred and profane in a manner we have all felt while admiring the absurd cardboard decorations we put out on Halloween night. They seem to be inviting us all to transcend this mortal plane, simply by putting on a spooky mask.


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