After 23 years of silence, RANDOM FLUCTUATIONS sees his second EP released on french imprint Hybride Sentimento (Olympe Serie).

Based in Switzerland, MARCO REPETTO started his musical career as drummer for famous band Grauzone. 10 years later (1989), a pretty unique world will be defined through electronic music. Myriad of excursions will be proposed over the years, melting Detroit-techno to european ambient-electronica. Playing a quite important role for an emerging scene of bedroom techno-electro-idm producers, M. Repetto will, along himself, reveal via his labels Axodya & Inzec a worldwide connected artists’ range: Freddie Fresh, Bochum Welt, Dennis Siemion, Alan Oldham… Accompagnied of course by his most known aliases: Bigeneric, Planet Love, Synectics.

Connected to earth’s elements, M. Repetto will always include nature and space in his productions, pushing you as listener to jump in hidden spheres where will meet jazzy-rolling drums, warm subsonic mental constructions surrounded by futuristic immersions guided by bionic perceptions of the musician.

Limited to 150 copies worldwide!

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