Rega Kyte Speakers


Introducing these excellent new speakers by the dependable Rega Research! The Kytes will bring your hifi setup into a whole new league, especially when installed alongside a Rega Planar turntable and Io integrated amplifier. Shop favourite!

Meticulously designed to deliver the true Rega sound at an affordable price. Using Rega’s own ZRR high frequency unit and a handmade pair of Rega MX-125 bass-mid drivers, this compact bookshelf speaker is designed to complement any hi-fi or audio system.

The Kytes are meticulously hand assembled in house using a unique phenolic resin cabinet design. Internally they feature ceramic plates and carefully engineered cross bracing developed to make the cabinet extremely stiff. This prevents unwanted resonances interfering with the accurate output of the drive units and directly improves both dynamics and the bass performance from the speaker.


Enclosure Design

Bass reflex, rear ported

Mid / Bass Unit

Rega MX-125


Nominal 6 Ω


89 dB

High Frequency Unit

Rega ZRR

Dimensions (with rear foot fitted) (H x W x D)

325 x 188 x 232 mm

Weight (each)

3.73 kg

Power Handling

80 W per channel (this figure is intended purely as a guide as it depends on the quality of amplifications used).

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