Sex Magick Wizards - Your Bliss My Joy


As is the common circumstance for so many new groups forming in Norway this century, Sex Magick Wizards met at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo where they studied jazz and improvisation. They released their promising debut album Eroto Comatose Lucidity in 2019 through a small, local label based in northern Norway, where leader and guitarist Viktor Bomstad was born. Viktor Bomstad (28) was raised on a diet of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix before being introduced to Django Reinhardt, a turning point in his life. After several years of cultivating a more traditional jazz direction he became engulfed in the possibilities of free jazz. He later returned to his local roots, including a deep dive into traditional joik. Sigrid Aftret (29) is an exciting sax player known for her strong musical presence and open approach to improvisation. She´s been making waves on Oslo´s fertile and ever growing improv scene, performing solo and in various constellations and band projects. Henrik Sandstad Dalen (27) is firmly grounded in jazz and improvisation and is always looking to stretch the limits by challenging himself as well as the listener. He´s a tireless source of any musical ideas that will develop the band as a living organism. Ingvald André Vassbø (25) is a very active and in demand young drummer. He took over the sticks after Axel Skalstad (Krokofant), who played on their debut. Raised on progressive rock and jazz from a young age, he has ample experience with both heavy metal as well as improvisation. He´s also a member of Kanaan and Juno, and played in Hedvig Mollestad´s “Maternity Beat” project with Trondheim Jazz Orchestra.


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