Shawn Cartier - Crazy Boy


“Cartier’s five-track EP flits from futuristic electro into retro acid rave territory, with sugar-rush flashes of ghettotech and juke thrown in for good measure. The whole thing ignites a wide-eyed buzz, like watching a sci-fi flick for the first time as a kid, hopped up on cola. ‘humans’ closes the EP with a trippy acid electro flourish, all neon-hued and atmospheric; a soft, bouncy landing on an unknown planet.” -DJmag

featured on DJmag and BBC radio 1 introducing dance. support from intergalactic gary, dave clarke, anz, partiboi69, kessler, saoirse, solid blake, nite fleit, justin jay, jensen interceptor, asquith, dj mell g, jossy mitsu, darwin, december, amadeezy, emerald rose lewis, bell towers, shedbug


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