SIM - Terminate EP


Based in Montreal, SIM — influenced primarily by dancehall and artists like King Tubby and Sean Paul, as well as Plastikman, Jeff Mills and Equiknoxx— found his entry point into electronic music via the crunching US dubstep sounds of the late ‘00s, before later finding his niche in club music. It was upon being introduced to Epic B, Uninamise, Hitmakerchinx and Brooklyn’s wider FDM network in New York that SIM began to refine and polish his own productions, culminating in the release of introspective debut EP, ‘Neural Gain’, in February 2019.

Drawing on myriad electronic influences, SIM’s work on new EP ‘Terminate’ treads a different path, meshing together the dancehall sounds of his childhood with the sort of searing, upfront club pressure that has become synonymous with Nervous Horizon over the past five years. Slotting into a back catalogue already boasting crucial early records from artists like DJ Plead and DJ JM, his music feels very much at home under the tutelage of label heads, TSVI and Wallwork.

“Writing ‘Terminate EP’ felt really intuitive and made sense”, SIM explains. “As a raver kid myself, channeling this need to party towards my own craft was sort of therapeutic and gave me hope that a new era is on its way. Heavy subs shaking you to your core, squeaky synths echoing in the depths of the warehouse, sweat dripping down your face, this collective motion of hundreds of people, just moving to one rhythm. One pulse. That is what inspired me to write this EP.”


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