Skin Teeth - Nebulous


First release on Vinyl Hunter OG Archie Brewer’s new label, Last Days Of Rome!

Released digitally last year, the idea for Skin Teeth’s debut release Nebulous was the culmination of years of raving and listening to tapes from that golden era in UK Rave – early nineties.

Taking its name from the breakbeat sampled in Nebula II’s Anathema, it conjures up images of smokey Record shops, Bootlegged tape cassettes, Bomber Jackets, and beaten up Flyer collections for events such as Fantazia, Dreamscape and Pandemonium.
Sounding like something that could well have been hammered by DJs like Ellis Dee, Ratty, and Mickey Finn in Raves formative years, it went some way in defining Skin Teeth’s Old Skool influenced style.



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