Slick Rick - The Great Adventures of Slick Rick


Storytelling through rhyme has been part of hip-hop since its beginnings. Ever since Wonder Mike of the Sugar Hill Gang kicked Grandmaster Caz’s rhymes about soggy macaroni and chicken that tasted like wood, rappers have used their storytelling abilities to rock crowds and keep the party people entertained. And few in hip-hop’s history could spin a lyrical yarn like “Slick” Rick Walters first did on his debut album The Great Adventures of Slick Rick, released 30 years ago.

The London born, Bronx raised Slick Rick first honed his skills at New York City’s famed Laguardia High School of Music & Art, where he hung out with peers like Dana Dane, and the two formed the Kangol Krew. He met rapper/beatbox extraordinaire Doug E. Fresh in 1984 at the age of 19, and the two recorded the powerful one-two punch of “The Show” and “La Di Da Di,” two of the most revered tracks in hip-hop history. The two tracks were club anthems and became two of the most sampled tracks ever, mostly recognized for the strength of Slick Rick’s rhymes.

Rick ended up leaving Doug’s Get Fresh Crew for reasons that have never been clear. He ended up signing with Def Jam Records in 1986 as one of the label’s first artists. He spent the next two years putting together his debut album, which is now universally recognized for its excellence. The Great Adventures ranks among the best hip-hop albums ever released, and Slick Rick and his influence continue to shape hip-hop as we know it.

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