Steve Roach - Quiet Music 1


Steve Roach’s foundational and best loved/most sought-after ambient tape series ‘Quiet Music’ arrives on vinyl via Telephone Explosion, yielding his serene conception of music “created in respect for silence”

Recorded between 1983-1986 and issued in ’86 in successive volumes, ‘Quiet Music’ sees Roach expand on Eno’s ideas of ambient music in a soundtrack for Richard Leon’s ‘Wildflowers’ video.  Also taken by a fruitful new age spirit in a style that would become his hallmark and also parallel the tranquil electronic simulacra of Japanese ambient environmental music, Roach mixes the whimsical flute of Will Morris with additional Yamaha DX7 synth programmed and performed by Mike Christopher (who coincidentally played the Hare Krishna Zombie in ‘Dawn of the Dead’), to evoke beautifully bucolic auditory scenery stroked with tender melody in a way that suggests, implies rather than tells, a story about nature and childhood naïveté.

“This quiet music is a journey into the flowering meadows of the Colorado high desert. The inspiration for the music came from the vision of the producer and my response to the images of the video. Many Childhood memories also emerged and helped to shape the music to a place of simple innocence.”

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