Steven Rutter - BrainFog LP


B12’s Steven Rutter rolls out his first solo LP, Brainfog in the vaporous wake of his solo début, a dedication to the Chuckle Bro’s; From Me To You. Again the artwork is properly rum, but the sounds therein are dead lush, wide-eyed in that early ‘90s AI style Steven was instrumental in forging alongside Michael Golding.

In solo mode, it’s interesting to discern Rutter’s input to B12 through the sounds on offer, and it becomes clear that he’s in possession of the sweetest electronica soul. Between the electro soma of Sleep Gives Freedom, the cosmic Indian references of Memories of You, his sylvan acid techno slinker Infinity Engine, the weightless metrics of Binary Breakdown, and a classically B12-styled electro floater Hand In Hand, you’ve got some highly satisfying and timeless-sounding machine music.

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