Swayzak vs Theorem ‎– Break In At Apartment 205


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A collaboration between Swayzak and Theorem, the reissue chooses two out of the three tracks from the original 1999 EP. The title piece opens the wax and immediately addresses any prejudices regarding minimal techno. Elaboration is indeed stripped back, leaving a bare metronomic rhythm around which swirl a selection of subtle notes. Keys orbit in shifts, delaying, rising and fading as the track pulls you in deeper and deeper as it conjures images of distant nebula and star strew skies. “Bad Hair Day” follows in more determined fashion, a steady kick and hi-hat giving way to a rusted snare as gentle folds of sound begin to form. Slowly a melody begins to form, two notes here, three there, until the true complexity of the piece is unveiled, a dreamy and intimate work which, like its predecessor, is admirably understated.

Arguably the social media age has narrowed our views, promoted the pigeonholing of views and the narrowing of ideas. Genres were there beforehand and did the same. Stereotypes existed before any of the above. Minimal techno suffered, and continues to do so, from being pegged as formulaic and even boring. This cannot be said for Break In At Apartment 205. This is music to sit back to, put the feet up and absorb—uncluttered compositions filled with gentle ebbs and flows that grow into emotive surges. Music from a simpler time, far from simple music.



Out of stock