Syd Nukuluk - Data X Change


Data X Change is the debut release from Syd Nukuluk, a producer, songwriter and artist based in London. Written and recorded over the space of a year in a variety of locations and states of mind, it is a long awaited first release for the artist.

The EP explores what it is to be a songwriter in a digital, image based age – guitar is abstracted as a medium throughout the release, sometimes providing the dominant melody, sometimes just fragments and textures. Different genres are explored, the music lurching from trip-hop to ambient, folk to lo-fi, all tied together with a distinct sonic melancholia.

Field recordings and synthetic glitches feature prominently, setting the landscape for a dialogue between analogue and digital, and exploring where sentiment can exist in-between these two states. Nostalgia is created for digital spaces that never existed, lamentations for unrealised futures articulated in specific genres across the EP. The eclectic lurching from genre to genre alludes to a time of cultural over-stimulation, of multiple identities.

The tape also contains the first offerings from French-British rapper Monika, an artist exploring an online sense of blackness and masculinity through his lyricism.



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