Tone Dropout Vol 7 (DAWL / ALPHONSE / VARIOUS)


Here it is finally Tone Dropout Vol 7. This is a anglo/french,italian/oz extravaganza, A TDO meets LHT Banger.

This edition features four, yes FOUR new members to our family, ON side A we welcome fresh new talent in the guis of Daif , real name Antonin Hifda, hails from France and is the head honcho at the great Luminaere Records, Dj’s all over and has had releases on many labels,an amazing talent who we look forward to working with more. Ascot/WW, real name Matteo Pasini , comes from Milan Italy, and has played clubs such as Plastic,Rocket and the Dude Club. He has had releases on Ciao Records, and definitely a great addition to the Tone dropout family, and of course our main man Dawl , who needs no introduction,contributes to make up the TDO side.

Then side B , we welcome Alphonse and Jamie Blanco from LHT as well as many other fine labels. Alphonse, whose real name i am not allowed to tell you, has had releases aon several labels including hypercolour and class wrecks and dj’s all over the world, currently been doing some gigs with sween – head honcho of Tone DropOut Records, at Houghton festival and in Croatia in 2019 and host parties called Dream Therapy, in London. Another great addition to our family. Then we have Jamie Blanco another real talent, who has been on the scene a long time with multiple releases and several guises with other labels and partners. Living in Melbourne, Australia at present, which shows how our sound has stretched across the world .

side A.

Track 1 – DAWL – Nebulon – Dawl kicks off this E.P with a Bleep tactic , bass driven break beat banger. typical dawl style now, that we all love and has made him such a star, at Tone Dropout Records.After the bleeps dawl adds some stabby warehouse synths , then kicks the driving bass back in with the breaks and bleeps, and a cheeky little sample from some obscure cartoon. not to be named ha ha . A real banger , in dawl tradition.

Track 2 – Daif – Soberman – then goes our first top gun, Daif comes at ya with a mesmerising bass line that sets the tone for this dance floor filler. Then come the bleeps and the strings in and out , highlighted by a soaring break beat ,and fat basslines . this man is hot talent , watch out .

Track 3 – Ascot/WW – Fifa98 – Here we go top gun number two, our new secret weapon Ascot/WW, offers ya a breakbeat and old rave synth , before breaking down with a rewind into a detroit bassline and haunting strings and bleeps, a real journey, and very cleverly produced another dance floor filler, and a man to watch out for.

side B.

Track 1 – Alphonse – Direct Transient – Alphonse kicks off with the sounds of the rain forsest , quickly backed up by a soaring james brown sampled break beat a real stomper, and some sweet strings, before banging into an amazing acid line with james brown stab rolling through.Ever changing ,with a great breakdown, really showing off his production skills.

A real rolla, with amazing beats and an acid line to kill for ha ha . Great work from this established talent.

Track 2 – Jamie Blanco – Acid Damage – Here the one and only Jamie Blanco gives us a straight up no messing in ya face acid banger. What more can i say, wicked 909 beats , big bass line and of course the acid going in and out up and down, ever changing and moving ,handclaps the lot, soaring high hats and snares , here we go .ACIEEEEEEEEED.

Track 3 – Bonus Tones Breaks 3 – Tones Breaks 3 carries on our new tradition of a little 3 min track on each ep, lots of samples and fun.

Tones 3 , kicks off with lots of scratching and a fierce break beat , and “GO” sample , before changing with a bubbling bassline, and ripping break beat , then the inevitable bleeps and four four over breaks , this 3 mins of pure break beat chaos, just how we love it .

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