Urdog – Long Shadows: 2003–2006


“The rumors are true; Providence, Rhode Island is permeated with a mysterious energy”. So says Dave Lifrieri, guitarist and vocalist of Urdog.

“It might have something to do with the swamp gas chimneys that keep downtown from blowing up, or the proximity to the ocean, but every now and then a thick fog enters the city and breeds with the people who call this transient world home. Around the turn of the century many musicians and artists found themselves infected by Providence. Some of us focused this energy, learned to live with the ghosts and tell their story.”

It’s a story chronicled on Long Shadows, the new Urdog retrospective on Rocket Recordings – the work of a mercurial band whose music may have been summoned from fog and ghosts, yet possesses considerable staying power beyond their brief time on the planet.

“We were influenced by the horror of late-capitalism in general every day” says drummer and vocalist Erin Rosenthal, who first met Dave whilst ‘bouncing on a couch like two 5 year olds’ at a Flying Luttenbachers show.“This glued and glues us together, also love of bicycles, french fries and faerie folk. Big influences for me were Robert Wyatt, Incredible String Band, Dagmar Krause, but especially This Heat, Riot Grrrl and 90’s hardcore”

From such disparate inspiration came psychically heavy jams and wild improvisational voyages from this triumvirate which chart an instinctive and wild journey, drawing the interplanetary dots between early ‘70s freak-flag-waving transgressions and the folk-tinged frontiers of the early 21st century US underground. Mantric repetition, ceremonial ambience and fuzz/wah tinged blowouts take equal prominence in this dreamlike realm.


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